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Conserve the environment and create value for the land.


Our Story

RECICLADORA CENTROAMERICANA, SA, is dedicated to the export of ferrous and non - ferrous metal products as the mainline. Thus, the concept of visibility and competitiveness with respect to the rest of the companies within the same branch, which offer the same product, goes through a process in which service, care, and the spirit of environmental conservation are the main axes on which turns the processing of our final product.


For its managers, the most important thing is that the company provides a service to the general community of metal waste collection that serves as a complement to the conservation of the environment, for which it is required that the collection of scrap flows in and out of our territory, where the same service can be provided.


Our company has provided its recycling services since 1982, during all this time it has accumulated great experience and positioning in the national and international market (Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua), it has formed consortiums Accidents with various local and foreign suppliers as a way to complement their skills, capital, and risks; thus enriching its technical and organizational heritage.


Annually we handle more than 100,000 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in general, which are eliminated from the environment.

Our team

Regarding Human Resources, we have highly qualified personnel, all of them duly specialized in their various areas, both in the proper handling of scrap material, and in the handling of the machinery necessary to pack the various materials. Likewise, the Human Resource of the administrative area is duly trained for the proper and timely handling of all export procedures and relations with foreign clients.

Why choose us


Our way of working is inclined towards Honesty, this being one of the most important values in the commercial world.

Quality Service

We strive to provide a personalized quality service to all our clients, since they are a fundamental part of our company.

Environmental commitment

We work comprehensively with our clients to together contribute to their care and improvement.



Social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the result of the commitment by companies to respect the environment and promote sustainable development practices. For our company it is of utmost importance to contribute to society jointly, Integral Ambiental hand in hand with our clients, with activities in favor of the community, seeking environmental improvement and sustainability.



Through our good practices, both commercial and environmental, we seek to be leaders in the environment; always based on our philosophy and through services carried out in a comprehensive manner.

Human resource

For our company the Human Resource, our staff, is the most valuable resource; That is why we train our staff and constantly seek their work and personal improvement, with programs according to each of the specific cases; In the same way, we support with all our capacity for your personal well-being and that of your family, providing support at any time that is necessary.

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